About Us



Marie Lou Simaan the director of the company has been in the travel business for 37 years and has gained sustainable knowledge of the industry. All the staff presently employed are of an immediate and senior status and well travelled.

We felt it was necessary to establish ourselves as a professional, valued and competitive agency in the world of travel which we felt was lacking.

We have establishes ourselves as tour operators of various hotels in the world and hence can offer our clients directly, by cutting out the middleman, the best possible price and value.

Our business is helping you do your business – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We work extensivelyto please and get you to your destination as effortless as possible.

Our strategy is to build on our position as market leader by focusing on our two core principals –Service and Value. We will continue to invest in the development of our people.

Mars Travel – Head Office

Building No 7,
Albury Office Park,
Crnr Albury Place & Jan Smuts Ave,
Dunkeld West | Johannesburg,
South Africa

Tel: (011) 759 5130
Fax: 0866 060 715